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Nabü Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gift Nabü?

We help give friends and family an easy way to gift your child an experience they’re going to love! Instead of searching for “Best gift for an 8 year old” and wandering the toy aisle, they can make a gift to your child’s birthday (or any other celebration) campaign!

What can I use the gifts (funds) for?

Any experience your child would love! Our users have used campaign funds for swim lessons, summer camp, karate classes, speech therapy, gymboree, climbing gym memberships, zoo memberships, and countless others! As long as it’s an experience for your child’s age range and doesn’t involve weapons, we’ll make it happen!

So can I use this for private therapies?

Yes! We know how expensive private therapies can be and we are here to help. You can use the funds for speech, occupational, physical, equine, and any other therapies your child may need..

Do I have to choose an experience when I create a campaign?

It’s up to you! Most users wait until the campaign ends. While your campaign is running, we will work with you to curate an ideal list of experiences based on your child’s interests and needs, where you live, what days are convenient for you, and nap times. This way you’ll be ready to book once the campaign closes.

What happens to left over funds?

If you fund more than the cost of your experience (which happens almost always), then you can book a second, third or even fourth experience! The remaining funds stay in your Nabü account and never expire. You can also create another campaign later (for the holidays or another special occasion) and add to the balance for a bigger experience!

Can I use the funds for something else?

We are dedicated to keeping your child’s campaign funds safe! This is why the funds can only be used to book an experience(es) for your child. Funds cannot be cashed out by any parent or guardian.

When should I create the campaign?

We suggest creating the campaign here before sending out invites. Make it easy for your friends and family by sharing the campaign link along with the birthday invitation/announcement.

I already sent birthday invitations, is it too late to create a campaign?

Nope! We actually see most campaign gifts come in about 12 hours before the birthday celebration. If you do send out the campaign link after the invites, we suggest sharing the link with a quick note. The link can be shared on social media to give family and friends the opportunity to gift whether they are near or far!

How do I know who to thank for a gift?

Great question! Every campaign has a birthday board where friends and family can write a note when they make a gift! Don’t worry, it doesn’t publicly show the amount each person gifts. We also have Nabü thank you cards we can provide for you to send your friends and family!

So what’s the catch? How much does this cost?

There’s no catch- there’s no cost to our users! Our mission is to help bring incredible gifts for children that allow them to create lasting memories that stay with them forever :) Those who make a gift with a credit/debit care absorb a small card processing fee (not our fee - it comes from the bank people).

I have more questions

We are here to help! If you have any additional questions, contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to have a chat via phone, text, or email.

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