Nabü Experiences:
Tech Entrepreneurship Workshop

Nabü Experiences brings together top Silicon Valley CEOs for this one-of-a-kind workshop. Students will work throughout the week to form teams and experience how to become an entrepreneur. Students will have 5 days to work together and learn how make a world leading innovation using next generation technology. Through activities and real life business cases, students will get hands on experience on how tech founders solve some of the world's toughest problems. Don't miss out on this chance to innovate and join the next generation of entrepreneurs.

  • Workshop lead by A Silicon Valley Entrepreneur.
  • Work with a team to prepare and deliver an innovative product pitch using technology.
  • Learn about Leadership, Design, Marketing, and Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Develop skills in team collaboration, public speaking, out of the box thinking, among other soft skills.
  • Pitch in “Shark Tank” like competition.
The only pre-requisite is that you are able to converse in English and at lest 15 years old.

Elian Savodivker
Founder & CEO at Nabü

Nina Reinhart
Managing Director & Co-Founder Reinhart Capital

Build your prototype with Californian Designers:

Using our amazing team of designer's, students and their teams get an opportunity to build their prototype design just like startups. Each team will meet with a professional UX designer that will build a unique and professional prototype to show the judges in the competition. Students will get a chance to take their prototype and business pitch home to showcase what they learned and created during the workshop.

The “Nabü Prize”: experience Silicon Valley

During the 5 day workshop students will work together and create a unique solution to a global business case. One outstanding student from the workshop will win the opportunity to either join the Nabü Team and visit a startup in Silicon Valley or Europe, or be an assistant trainer in another workshop*. With programs all over the world, students will get a chance to continue their entrepreneurial education.

*Students must be 18 years old when claiming the prize. The prize details are agreed with the student after the workshop or with the family if the student is under 18.

Stanford university

Nabü helps families find amazing experiences that create lifelong memories for children. Nabü strives to promote sustainable development goals by reducing waste from toys by gifting amazing experiences.

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