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2 years ago

Why Nabü is the best solution for this Holiday season?

5 amazing outside of the box experiences and activities that can replace traditional box gifts for your kids this Holiday season!

2020 has proven to be anything but traditional and this year as you start making your list for those holiday gifts to get for your family and friends you should think about gifts that don’t come in a box. This year the pandemic put a damper on summer camps and many experiences for kids. Some have been able to provide classes outside or go virtual while a lot of experiences have had to be cancelled until next year. This summer kids missed out on great times at the lake, learning coding at a prestigious University, or improving their skills at a sports camp.

The good news? Most of these programs have pivoted and now offer experiences all year long with different types that can keep your kid engaged in 2021. Now those experiences and activities that kids missed out on can be a perfect Holiday gift this year as family and friends get to chip in on the fun!

Here are some great outside of the box gift ideas for the Holidays this season.

Programs like Coding School who offer after school coding programs that your child will love. They have half day programs that not only focus on coding but also teaching pivotal skills like teamwork, communication, and brainstorming. Kids will love the breakout rooms as they will interact with other students in small groups to get most of the learning journey. 

Does your kid love watching movies? Have them learn how to write scripts such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Avengers among many more. At Script School you can choose a variety of courses and table reads that your kids will love. Have them learn skills like storytelling, writing, teamwork, while they build stories on their favorite characters.

Have a sports fanatic that is missing their weekly practices? Well DribbleUp offers kids a chance to work on their Soccer, Basketball, and Fitness skills. They use technology and old school training methods to give kids the advantage when they play with their teams in 2021. So your kid can work on becoming the next Messi, Stephen Curry, or just an amazing player.

Some great FREE options for gifts this year are the following:

The Grammy Museum offers free classes nationwide so kids can continue learning music. Their classes range from different instruments to voice lessons and all kids can join. So this Christmas you can give them the gift of learning how to sing like Adele or master the guitar like Carlos Santana.

The Exploratorium in San Francisco has some great ideas for DIY at home activities that can keep your kid engaged and entertained.  From Quirky toys to amazing videos that will help grow your childs imagination, no matter what you choose the Exploratorium your child will be a great option for your child and matching their STEM needs.

No matter what you choose this year the answer is clear, Don’t choose gifts that come in a box. This year your child deserves more. Choosing a Collaborative gift experience this Christmas lets family and friends come together to help kids get the perfect gift for any occasion. No more useless toys and wasteful gifts. Now you can have those around you give towards an experience your kids will absolutely love.

Ezequiel Romero
01 Dec 2020