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1 year ago

What is Collective Gift Giving

Find out the best new way to give a birthday gift

We all know the African Proverb “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” While in 2021 it might be a virtual village the saying is as true as ever. Between home schooling, work from home, and lockdowns being a parent this last year has been a completely different experience. Seeing family has been a challenge and for many a zoom video call or a wave from the car has been the only way to interact with those that we love the most. Leaving interactions few and far between children are not able to have that important family. This is why collective gift giving is the much needed solution for 2021. We will learn about collective gift giving, how it connects families together, and why it will be the best trend of 2021.


Collective Gift Giving is at its root a group of people coming together to contribute towards an amazing gift. It can be associated with crowdfunding as one way to have communities (villages) come together to give an amazing gift. The process is fairly simple, at NABU you can find a great experience like a summer camp, STEM lessons, or outdoor activities for kids. Once you find the perfect one for your kid you send a link from NABU to friends and family. They can then contribute as little or as much as they can towards this gift. Everyone has different means. With Nabu you can select a contribution level that works for you, without worrying if your gift will be valued. Collaborative Gift Giving gives parents a new way to connect with their village and give their children amazing experiences as birthday, holiday, and graduation gifts.


So how does collaborative gift giving help families connect together? During this pandemic we are farther than ever from our loved ones. From having to wave to them from our car to getting on Zoom calls to celebrate birthdays and graduations. Grandparents to distant relatives are having to make due with little interactions and whatever gifts they can ship over to the ones they love. However, there arent a lot of options out there for gifts that connect friends and family to children. Traditional gifts become irrelevant quickly. They are wasteful and offer little to no emotional connection to the person gifting them, and that is what is most needed today. Gifts that come from love and care. Gifts that create memorable moments and help not only children learn and be engaged but also parents the ability to enjoy some peace and quiet. Many summer camps, STEM programs, music classes, and others have switched to create truly engaging and memorable experiences both virtually and in person with safety as a top priority. Programs like LeLu spanish immersion classes, Hokali Surf lessons, and ScriptSchool movie writing programs are among a few programs that kids love. NABU uses collaborative gift giving to let parents choose these experiences as birthday, holiday, or graduation gifts. Then friends and family have the opportunity to chip in and pay for these experiences. With NABU, everyone in your child's life gets to play a part in their development and future. Meaning everyone in your child’s life gets to connect in a way they never could before and give a gift that lasts a whole lifetime rather than one that last 5 minutes.


In 2020 we saw many programs for kids switch to virtual experiences so that children everywhere can enjoy them. This brought a new way to engage kids and take our minds off the pandemic. Now as 2021 offers vaccines and a decline of cases programs for kids will change once more. In person programs and hybrid models are back, but what hasn't changed is the cost of these programs and their need. Pandemic or not some programs range from $200 to upwards of $3000. Using Collaborative Gift Giving we take the financial pressure from families and let grandparents, uncles/aunts, and friends support your child by gifting the amazing experiences. This is why Collaborative Gift Giving will change the way that we celebrate children's birthdays, holidays, and graduations. What better way to connect with the child in your life than with the gift of an experience.


So as you start getting ready to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or a holiday remember that “the best gifts dont come in a box.” Choose NABU and our wonderful partner experiences as the perfect gift, which you can create a collaborative gift giving campaign or gift the experience yourself.

Ezequiel Romero
01 Apr 2021