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1 year ago

Must attend experiences for kids in Los Angeles in 2021

Summers are always ending before they start. With July ending in just a few days families and children are looking to squeeze the last moments of fun out of summer. Summer camps are starting to windle down and summer travel trips are coming to an end as well. Kids have does in between days at home where they end up watching too much tv, playing too many video games, or just not engaged enough. So what can families do to keep children having fun and being safe in Los Angeles? Los Angeles has a great selection of great activities both free and paid that families should be taking advantage of. With the pandemic and delta variant hampering things a little we at Nabü have put together a short list of great experiences that kids will low.


Here are 3 must attend experiences of 2021 in Los Angeles that your family needs to check out:


1. Kidspace Museum: This is not just a museum, Kidspace offers a variety of fun and engaging activities and science shows that kids love. From its popular and famous water creek to the science shows every few hours Kidspace will have your child in awe. Every time we go with our 3yo and 7yo niece they don’t make it back to the house without falling asleep in the car. They love this place so much and no matter how many times we go they are always having a ton of fun. 

Normally there are exhibits and play activities indoors but during the pandemic all of the activities and shows are outside. Don’t worry, there are so many different activities and things for kids to do that you won’t even notice that you spent the whole day outside having fun.


2. Los Angeles Zoo: Back in action the LA zoo offers a great place for families and kids to explore. Seeing all of the animals and walking the gorgeous Griffith Park will create lifelong memories for you and your kids. Los Angeles Zoo might not have the glamour and fame of the San Diego Zoo but kids get to learn and see some of the most amazing animals on the planet. 

With affordable tickets and all outdoor space, the Los Angeles Zoo offers a safe and affordable experience that the whole family will enjoy. The Zoo is taking pandemic precautions but are pretty simple and easy to handle.


3. California Science Center: Currently offering a must see under the sea exhibit this is a must attend experience of 2021. Their Dogs exhibit is also a fantastic exhibit along with many more exhibits to see.

Timed entry and masks are required but the California Science Center makes it easy for parents and families to schedule and attend the center. You can also attend a virtual visit that you and the kids can do from the comfort from your home.


Experiences like the Kidspace Museum, LA Zoo, and California Science Center offer great choices for kids and families to enjoy and get the most out of the last days of summer. Before you know it kids will be going back to school and even worse be preparing for the holiday break. So enjoy this gorgeous weather and have the kids take part in some great activities in Los Angeles.

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Ezequiel Romero
29 Jul 2021