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1 year ago

The not so early Holiday gift guide for kids

You want to hear the words that are most terrifying to parents this holiday season? Back Ordered! That is the biggest trend in 2021’s holiday shopping season. With more supply chain issues over the horizon it's important to choose the right gift for your children that will arrive in time. That is why this holiday season you should choose a Nabü experience that arrives instantly and creates a lifelong memory. Below are our early picks for the best 5 gifts that you could give your child this holiday season.

-Kidspace Children's Museum
Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena has everything you need for a fun day out with kids including interactive exhibits, lots of places to run around and climb on, and plenty of things to see – and do. It’s a perfect place to spend the day. You’ll find all the information about admission prices, hours, parking, and all the details.

-School of Rock Santa Ana
School of Rock is not just an amazing movie featuring Jack Black. They are the largest music school in the world and actually had the movie created after the music school and not the other way around. The Santa Ana location is ran by Christopher and his team and they do an impeccable job at working with kids on learning the basics and helping them discover a love for music.

-Hokali Surf Lessons
Hokali and their surf coaches do an amazing job of training and gearing up any level of surfer to go out in the water and rip the waves. It doesn't matter if your child is a beginner or a competitive surfer, they have the coaches that can get them to their best level. The startup has been one of the hottest growing startups in 2021 and is available not just in Los Angeles but other regions as well.


-Lelu Spanish Lessons
We absolutely love what Ana and her team are doing at Lelu. Their activity boxes and zoom classes create such an amazing experience for kids while they learn a new language. Their boxes offer different activities that help kids learn spanish while having fun. We cannot recommend this enough!


-Disney California Adventure Park
We finish our list with the happiest place on earth. How can you ever go wrong with a trip to Disney? Opened from the pandemic now is a great time to explore the park and have a memorable and unforgettable experience with Mickey and the gang. What better gift for family to pitch in together than a trip to Anaheim to Disney Theme Park.

With the Holiday season sneaking in on us Nabü offers amazing experiences that you can gift to kids this year. Let them explore the water, practice their music talents, learn a new language, or simply ride amazing rides at Disney. Instead of having family gift useless toys that kids will never play with why not use Nabü to have family pay for amazing experiences that children enjoy and create unforgettable memories.

Ezequiel Romero
12 Nov 2021