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1 year ago

Don’t stress about finding amazing gifts for Hanukkah

Hanukkah is an amazing holiday for kids, they get presents for 8 nights, play games to win chocolate, light candles, and get to share amazing food with family. For parents finding gifts for 8 nights can be a daunting task and then to top it off having all those gifts lay in your house can be such a stress. This year with supply chain issues and things opening up an experience over toys is the perfect gift to give this holiday season. We have a list of amazing and memorable gifts that not only won't take up any space in your house but will also arrive just in time. No matter if you are looking to give gifts to toddlers, kids, or young adults.

FYI: Hanukkah runs from November 28 to December 6 this year so now’s a great time to check off that 2021 gift list before time ticks down to light the menorah and spin the dreidel.


For sport loving kids and toddlers.


Wild Child Gym Sessions
A boutique children's play space in Culver City, California encompassing California cool with a distinct Hawaiian vibe.

Academy USA Basketball
Mini-Ballers program is designed to introduce Elementary School Students to basketball. These sessions will teach the fundamentals and technical skills of footwork, ball handling, passing, shooting mechanics, defense, and offensive moves.

Hokali Surf Lessons
Time slows down when riding a wave. Surfing releases a cocktail of "feel-good" chemicals into your brain. Relaxes your brain and calms the mind, releasing hormones that make you feel positive.


For kids and young adults that love museums and learning.


Natural History Museums of LA County Membership
At NHM there's something for everyone! Explore nature and culture from the inside out. Oh, we love dinosaurs. But we can show you the whole world.

Kidspace Family Museum Membership
Kidspace is a nonprofit museum designed to delight and engage children emotionally, intellectually, and physically through joyful, kid-driven experiences. We invite all children to play, discover, create, and thrive, and to explore the world with curiosity and kindness.

Discover Cube Membership
The Discovery Cube LA is a brand new, non-profit museum dedicated to teaching STEM proficiency, Environmental Stewardship, Healthy Living and Early Learning. From stepping into a simulated helicopter to take a tour of California’s natural resources to a scavenger hunt in a grocery store, the fun and learning never ends at the Discovery Cube LA.

Lelu Spanish + STEAM Box
STEAM stands for Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Multidisciplinary learning is not only incredibly effective, it's more fun for kids. Learning language through fun science, tech, engineering, arts, and math projects increases engagement and retention-- the entire family will love it!

California Science Center Membership
he California Science Center aspires to stimulate curiosity and inspire science learning in everyone by creating fun, memorable experiences, because we value science as an indispensable tool for understanding our world, accessibility and inclusiveness, and enriching people’s lives.


For the Artistic Kids.


Script School Star Wars Scriptwriting Class
SCRIPT SCHOOL was set up in 2019 to give the opportunity to any individual from a wide range of diverse, multicultural backgrounds to grow their skills as story-tellers and screenwriters by learning from seasoned TV & Film professionals.

School of Rock Santa Ana
School of Rock's Little Wing music program teaches your toddler or preschooler fundamental music and life skills through unique and engaging musical activities that build teamwork, cooperation, and spark the imagination.




Online Cooking Classes
Great for all ages. Choose a delicious menu, bring your own ingredients, and join us for hands-on online cooking classes from your own kitchen!


All these great experiences can be bought as a gift by one person or as a crowdfunding campaign for the whole family to gift.

Ezequiel Romero
18 Nov 2021