Don’t stress about finding amazing gifts for Hanukkah

Hanukkah is an amazing holiday for kids, they get presents for 8 nights, play games to win chocolate, light candles, and get to share amazing food with family. For parents finding gifts for 8 nights can be a daunting task and then to top it off having all those gifts lay in your house can be such a stress. This year with supply chain issues and things opening up an experience over toys is the perfect gift to give this holiday season. We have a list of amazing and memorable gifts that not only won't take up any space in your house but will also arrive just in time. No matter if you are looking to give gifts to toddlers, kids, or young adults.

FYI: Hanukkah runs from November 28 to December 6 this year so now’s a great time to check off that 2021 gift list before time ticks down to light the menorah and spin the dreidel.


For sport loving kids and toddlers.


Wild Child Gym Sessions
A boutique children's play space in Culver City, California encompassing California cool with a distinct Hawaiian vibe.

Academy USA Basketball
Mini-Ballers program is designed to introduce Elementary School Students to basketball. These sessions will teach the fundamentals and technical skills of footwork, ball handling, passing, shooting mechanics, defense, and offensive moves.

Hokali Surf Lessons
Time slows down when riding a wave. Surfing releases a cocktail of "feel-good" chemicals into your brain. Relaxes your brain and calms the mind, releasing hormones that make you feel positive.


For kids and young adults that love museums and learning.


Natural History Museums of LA County Membership
At NHM there's something for everyone! Explore nature and culture from the inside out. Oh, we love dinosaurs. But we can show you the whole world.

Kidspace Family Museum Membership
Kidspace is a nonprofit museum designed to delight and engage children emotionally, intellectually, and physically through joyful, kid-driven experiences. We invite all children to play, discover, create, and thrive, and to explore the world with curiosity and kindness.

Discover Cube Membership
The Discovery Cube LA is a brand new, non-profit museum dedicated to teaching STEM proficiency, Environmental Stewardship, Healthy Living and Early Learning. From stepping into a simulated helicopter to take a tour of California’s natural resources to a scavenger hunt in a grocery store, the fun and learning never ends at the Discovery Cube LA.

Lelu Spanish + STEAM Box
STEAM stands for Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Multidisciplinary learning is not only incredibly effective, it's more fun for kids. Learning language through fun science, tech, engineering, arts, and math projects increases engagement and retention-- the entire family will love it!

California Science Center Membership
he California Science Center aspires to stimulate curiosity and inspire science learning in everyone by creating fun, memorable experiences, because we value science as an indispensable tool for understanding our world, accessibility and inclusiveness, and enriching people’s lives.


For the Artistic Kids.


Script School Star Wars Scriptwriting Class
SCRIPT SCHOOL was set up in 2019 to give the opportunity to any individual from a wide range of diverse, multicultural backgrounds to grow their skills as story-tellers and screenwriters by learning from seasoned TV & Film professionals.

School of Rock Santa Ana
School of Rock's Little Wing music program teaches your toddler or preschooler fundamental music and life skills through unique and engaging musical activities that build teamwork, cooperation, and spark the imagination.




Online Cooking Classes
Great for all ages. Choose a delicious menu, bring your own ingredients, and join us for hands-on online cooking classes from your own kitchen!


All these great experiences can be bought as a gift by one person or as a crowdfunding campaign for the whole family to gift.

Ezequiel Romero
18 Nov 2021

The not so early Holiday gift guide for kids

You want to hear the words that are most terrifying to parents this holiday season? Back Ordered! That is the biggest trend in 2021’s holiday shopping season. With more supply chain issues over the horizon it's important to choose the right gift for your children that will arrive in time. That is why this holiday season you should choose a Nabü experience that arrives instantly and creates a lifelong memory. Below are our early picks for the best 5 gifts that you could give your child this holiday season.

-Kidspace Children's Museum
Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena has everything you need for a fun day out with kids including interactive exhibits, lots of places to run around and climb on, and plenty of things to see – and do. It’s a perfect place to spend the day. You’ll find all the information about admission prices, hours, parking, and all the details.

-School of Rock Santa Ana
School of Rock is not just an amazing movie featuring Jack Black. They are the largest music school in the world and actually had the movie created after the music school and not the other way around. The Santa Ana location is ran by Christopher and his team and they do an impeccable job at working with kids on learning the basics and helping them discover a love for music.

-Hokali Surf Lessons
Hokali and their surf coaches do an amazing job of training and gearing up any level of surfer to go out in the water and rip the waves. It doesn't matter if your child is a beginner or a competitive surfer, they have the coaches that can get them to their best level. The startup has been one of the hottest growing startups in 2021 and is available not just in Los Angeles but other regions as well.


-Lelu Spanish Lessons
We absolutely love what Ana and her team are doing at Lelu. Their activity boxes and zoom classes create such an amazing experience for kids while they learn a new language. Their boxes offer different activities that help kids learn spanish while having fun. We cannot recommend this enough!


-Disney California Adventure Park
We finish our list with the happiest place on earth. How can you ever go wrong with a trip to Disney? Opened from the pandemic now is a great time to explore the park and have a memorable and unforgettable experience with Mickey and the gang. What better gift for family to pitch in together than a trip to Anaheim to Disney Theme Park.

With the Holiday season sneaking in on us Nabü offers amazing experiences that you can gift to kids this year. Let them explore the water, practice their music talents, learn a new language, or simply ride amazing rides at Disney. Instead of having family gift useless toys that kids will never play with why not use Nabü to have family pay for amazing experiences that children enjoy and create unforgettable memories.

Ezequiel Romero
12 Nov 2021

Must attend experiences for kids in Los Angeles in 2021

Summers are always ending before they start. With July ending in just a few days families and children are looking to squeeze the last moments of fun out of summer. Summer camps are starting to windle down and summer travel trips are coming to an end as well. Kids have does in between days at home where they end up watching too much tv, playing too many video games, or just not engaged enough. So what can families do to keep children having fun and being safe in Los Angeles? Los Angeles has a great selection of great activities both free and paid that families should be taking advantage of. With the pandemic and delta variant hampering things a little we at Nabü have put together a short list of great experiences that kids will low.


Here are 3 must attend experiences of 2021 in Los Angeles that your family needs to check out:


1. Kidspace Museum: This is not just a museum, Kidspace offers a variety of fun and engaging activities and science shows that kids love. From its popular and famous water creek to the science shows every few hours Kidspace will have your child in awe. Every time we go with our 3yo and 7yo niece they don’t make it back to the house without falling asleep in the car. They love this place so much and no matter how many times we go they are always having a ton of fun. 

Normally there are exhibits and play activities indoors but during the pandemic all of the activities and shows are outside. Don’t worry, there are so many different activities and things for kids to do that you won’t even notice that you spent the whole day outside having fun.


2. Los Angeles Zoo: Back in action the LA zoo offers a great place for families and kids to explore. Seeing all of the animals and walking the gorgeous Griffith Park will create lifelong memories for you and your kids. Los Angeles Zoo might not have the glamour and fame of the San Diego Zoo but kids get to learn and see some of the most amazing animals on the planet. 

With affordable tickets and all outdoor space, the Los Angeles Zoo offers a safe and affordable experience that the whole family will enjoy. The Zoo is taking pandemic precautions but are pretty simple and easy to handle.


3. California Science Center: Currently offering a must see under the sea exhibit this is a must attend experience of 2021. Their Dogs exhibit is also a fantastic exhibit along with many more exhibits to see.

Timed entry and masks are required but the California Science Center makes it easy for parents and families to schedule and attend the center. You can also attend a virtual visit that you and the kids can do from the comfort from your home.


Experiences like the Kidspace Museum, LA Zoo, and California Science Center offer great choices for kids and families to enjoy and get the most out of the last days of summer. Before you know it kids will be going back to school and even worse be preparing for the holiday break. So enjoy this gorgeous weather and have the kids take part in some great activities in Los Angeles.

At Nabü “The Best Gifts Don’t Come in a Box.” We believe every family and child deserve the best birthday gift, one that creates memories they cherish and look fondly on. No more wasteful toys for gifts, using the Nabü platform families can now gift meaningful and connected gifts that everyone will enjoy.


Ezequiel Romero
29 Jul 2021

The art of experience gift giving: Experience gifts draw relationships closer

We have all been there - birthdays, graduations, and holidays opening each present as everyone looks at you to see what you think. You start to unwrap the present and look at the gift giver anxiously wondering what’s inside the box. Finally as you open the box the worst thing happens, the gift is the complete opposite of what you wanted. Socks, coffee mugs, or worse an emotionless gift card or cash. But what if the gift you received reflected your interests giving you an experience that was meaningful without feeling indebted to the gift giver, like we typically do with overly expensive material gifts. 


Gift giving is part of almost every culture with many of our relationships having strong gifts giving aspects to them. Unfortunately, gift giving has become a mere afterthought for most of us. We buy material gifts that most often are trivial and disconnected to our relationships, missing the chance to connect emotionally with the gift recipient. Kids will often receive toy gifts that end up being donated or thrown away after a short time, meanwhile an experiential gift is something that will help them create lifelong memories. Gifts that create these memories are appreciated more and create a unique bond between the gift giver and recipient. As Dr. Lisa A Williams states in her Psychology of Gift Giving video, “Experiential gift giving draws a gift giver and gift recipient together”. Experiential gifts mean more to both the giver and recipient and create more value, emotion, and fun.



Ever get a gift that dropped your jaw? When I was 22 my then girlfriend, now wife, gifted me a brand new Xbox360 with some of my favorite games. We were dating for just over a year and she went all out. I was overjoyed, I went through a tough year and this gift meant so much to me. I couldn’t wait to set it up and felt like a kid at the candy store. Her birthday wouldn't be for another 5 months but I began to think, what do I get her? I needed to go as big or bigger. The anxiety and stress was a lot for a clueless 22 year old. What if she doesn’t find what I get her equal value to what she got me? How do I go that big? Do I make enough money for that? Is she going to expect something I can’t give her? All of that to say as grateful as I was for this amazing gift, I also felt incredibly indebted. It wasn’t until years later that I got her a gift that got the same reaction as mine. I felt such a pressure on each birthday until then, why couldn’t I get it right?


Dr. Williams states in her Psychology of Gift Giving video, “recipients prefer to receive gifts that reflect the giver instead”. So as you start thinking about the gifts that you will give, try adding your personality into them. Gift recipients will think of the gift giver when a thoughtful gift is given and that bond between the two of you will grow. Experiential gifts are often a great way to add our own personalities to the gift while giving something incredibly thoughtful and valuable. Whether it's a visit to a museum or zoo, going to a favorite theme park, or taking classes to master a new skill, experiential gifts give recipients a chance to create memories they’ll never forget. 


Gift giving can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be that way - gift giving can actually be a thoughtful and meaningful experience. Experiential gifts draw us closer to each other, not feel indebted to each other gift after gift, and show off our personalities. Gifts are meant to be an emotional and important part of our culture but we have used material gifts to show our love when experiences are a better way to give someone a gift they will truly appreciate

Ezequiel Romero
04 Jun 2021

What is Collective Gift Giving

Find out the best new way to give a birthday gift

We all know the African Proverb “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” While in 2021 it might be a virtual village the saying is as true as ever. Between home schooling, work from home, and lockdowns being a parent this last year has been a completely different experience. Seeing family has been a challenge and for many a zoom video call or a wave from the car has been the only way to interact with those that we love the most. Leaving interactions few and far between children are not able to have that important family. This is why collective gift giving is the much needed solution for 2021. We will learn about collective gift giving, how it connects families together, and why it will be the best trend of 2021.


Collective Gift Giving is at its root a group of people coming together to contribute towards an amazing gift. It can be associated with crowdfunding as one way to have communities (villages) come together to give an amazing gift. The process is fairly simple, at NABU you can find a great experience like a summer camp, STEM lessons, or outdoor activities for kids. Once you find the perfect one for your kid you send a link from NABU to friends and family. They can then contribute as little or as much as they can towards this gift. Everyone has different means. With Nabu you can select a contribution level that works for you, without worrying if your gift will be valued. Collaborative Gift Giving gives parents a new way to connect with their village and give their children amazing experiences as birthday, holiday, and graduation gifts.


So how does collaborative gift giving help families connect together? During this pandemic we are farther than ever from our loved ones. From having to wave to them from our car to getting on Zoom calls to celebrate birthdays and graduations. Grandparents to distant relatives are having to make due with little interactions and whatever gifts they can ship over to the ones they love. However, there arent a lot of options out there for gifts that connect friends and family to children. Traditional gifts become irrelevant quickly. They are wasteful and offer little to no emotional connection to the person gifting them, and that is what is most needed today. Gifts that come from love and care. Gifts that create memorable moments and help not only children learn and be engaged but also parents the ability to enjoy some peace and quiet. Many summer camps, STEM programs, music classes, and others have switched to create truly engaging and memorable experiences both virtually and in person with safety as a top priority. Programs like LeLu spanish immersion classes, Hokali Surf lessons, and ScriptSchool movie writing programs are among a few programs that kids love. NABU uses collaborative gift giving to let parents choose these experiences as birthday, holiday, or graduation gifts. Then friends and family have the opportunity to chip in and pay for these experiences. With NABU, everyone in your child's life gets to play a part in their development and future. Meaning everyone in your child’s life gets to connect in a way they never could before and give a gift that lasts a whole lifetime rather than one that last 5 minutes.


In 2020 we saw many programs for kids switch to virtual experiences so that children everywhere can enjoy them. This brought a new way to engage kids and take our minds off the pandemic. Now as 2021 offers vaccines and a decline of cases programs for kids will change once more. In person programs and hybrid models are back, but what hasn't changed is the cost of these programs and their need. Pandemic or not some programs range from $200 to upwards of $3000. Using Collaborative Gift Giving we take the financial pressure from families and let grandparents, uncles/aunts, and friends support your child by gifting the amazing experiences. This is why Collaborative Gift Giving will change the way that we celebrate children's birthdays, holidays, and graduations. What better way to connect with the child in your life than with the gift of an experience.


So as you start getting ready to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or a holiday remember that “the best gifts dont come in a box.” Choose NABU and our wonderful partner experiences as the perfect gift, which you can create a collaborative gift giving campaign or gift the experience yourself.

Ezequiel Romero
01 Apr 2021

Why Nabü is the best solution for this Holiday season?

5 amazing outside of the box experiences and activities that can replace traditional box gifts for your kids this Holiday season!

2020 has proven to be anything but traditional and this year as you start making your list for those holiday gifts to get for your family and friends you should think about gifts that don’t come in a box. This year the pandemic put a damper on summer camps and many experiences for kids. Some have been able to provide classes outside or go virtual while a lot of experiences have had to be cancelled until next year. This summer kids missed out on great times at the lake, learning coding at a prestigious University, or improving their skills at a sports camp.

The good news? Most of these programs have pivoted and now offer experiences all year long with different types that can keep your kid engaged in 2021. Now those experiences and activities that kids missed out on can be a perfect Holiday gift this year as family and friends get to chip in on the fun!

Here are some great outside of the box gift ideas for the Holidays this season.

Programs like Coding School who offer after school coding programs that your child will love. They have half day programs that not only focus on coding but also teaching pivotal skills like teamwork, communication, and brainstorming. Kids will love the breakout rooms as they will interact with other students in small groups to get most of the learning journey. 

Does your kid love watching movies? Have them learn how to write scripts such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Avengers among many more. At Script School you can choose a variety of courses and table reads that your kids will love. Have them learn skills like storytelling, writing, teamwork, while they build stories on their favorite characters.

Have a sports fanatic that is missing their weekly practices? Well DribbleUp offers kids a chance to work on their Soccer, Basketball, and Fitness skills. They use technology and old school training methods to give kids the advantage when they play with their teams in 2021. So your kid can work on becoming the next Messi, Stephen Curry, or just an amazing player.

Some great FREE options for gifts this year are the following:

The Grammy Museum offers free classes nationwide so kids can continue learning music. Their classes range from different instruments to voice lessons and all kids can join. So this Christmas you can give them the gift of learning how to sing like Adele or master the guitar like Carlos Santana.

The Exploratorium in San Francisco has some great ideas for DIY at home activities that can keep your kid engaged and entertained.  From Quirky toys to amazing videos that will help grow your childs imagination, no matter what you choose the Exploratorium your child will be a great option for your child and matching their STEM needs.

No matter what you choose this year the answer is clear, Don’t choose gifts that come in a box. This year your child deserves more. Choosing a Collaborative gift experience this Christmas lets family and friends come together to help kids get the perfect gift for any occasion. No more useless toys and wasteful gifts. Now you can have those around you give towards an experience your kids will absolutely love.

Ezequiel Romero
01 Dec 2020