About Nabü
What is Nabü?
We believe that enriching experiences last a whole lifetime, molds our personality, and can change our life's trajectory.
Nabü rethinks the way we gift- Instead of toys that create clutter and waste, friends and family gift towards summer camps, sports lessons, and therapies (to name a few!)
By gifting experiences and activities, children from all walks of life have more access to life-changing experiences.
Born out of necessity
When one of our founders was stressfully planning her son’s 1st birthday, she scoured the web searching for a way to have friends and family gift him a zoo membership instead of more toys and stuff (that would not fit in their already crowded condo). There was nothing. And have you tried explaining to your grandma that you want her to bring cash to a 1 years old’s birthday party?....She brought him a toy drum...
We needed a registry for cool things to do around town that was easy enough for abuelita to use!
From an idea to a reality
We tried the idea out on our kids and the gifts were way more than we anticipated! So we asked our family and friends to try it out on their kid's birthdays. Everyone loved the idea and the kids enjoyed all their activities and experiences!
An average of 16 guests contributed a gift on each Nabü birthday. Kids were gifted an average of $630. That was equal to 2-3 annual memberships, 1-2 summer camp weeks, 2-3 months of weekly private batting/pitching lessons, and so much more.
Check out our reviews page to see some pretty cool experiences kids and teens have gone on!
How it works
1. Create
Create a campaign for the experience they want to receive.
2. Share
Send to friends and family to receive contributions.
3. Enjoy
Enjoy as they get to open their amazing gift of their favorite experience.
About the team
Elian Savodivker's family immigrated from Argentina when he was a young child. After moving to the US, his parents, having limited resources and networks, decided to work on the American dream by becoming entrepreneurs. This is where Elian got to see firsthand how the LatinX community powers the American economy. Elian grew up in Florida, where he worked alongside his family. Years later, he would take all that knowledge to start GreenWork IT, an IT asset management business. After leading a global team in a children’s educational program, Elian was inspired to follow his passion for creating a startup to help kids have access to educational experiences thus co-founding GiftNabu.com.
Dani Vasquez Robles is the Latina Co-Founder and COO at Gift Nabü. An LA-born and Atlanta-raised mother of two, Dani is passionate about helping friends and family give experiences to the kids in their life instead of toys. Growing up with immigrant parents, Dani had to get creative regarding extracurriculars, sports, and the associated fees. She hopes to ease that burden for kids going forward through Gift Nabü. As a Hydrocephalus Mamá, she is the Atlanta Chair for the Walk to End Hydrocephalus. She has also experienced first-hand how difficult (and expensive) it is to get needed therapies for her son and is excited for the access Gift Nabü will bring. Before she devoted herself to Gift Nabü, Dani worked in fintech and digital gifting, leading over $200MM in annual top-line portfolios. Dani is a VHLX Fellow (a program by Visible Hands in partnership with Google for Startups) and was nominated as one of Georgia’s 50 Most Influential Latinos in 2022.
Gabriela Bautista is Head of Community Engagement at Gift Nabü. Gabriela, ”Gabby”, takes pride in being the child of Mexican immigrant parents, who taught her the value of education and perseverance. Gabby is a first-generation college graduate with a Bachelor's and Master’s Degree of Science in Nursing. She is a pediatric nurse practitioner who enjoys providing holistic care to children of all ages. Gabby believes that childhood experiences create the foundation for curiosity and learning. As a mom of a 2 year old, Gabby has witnessed first hand the impact of replacing toys with experiences. She is thrilled knowing that Gift Nabü can provide access to life-changing experiences to positively impact children, their parents, and the environment.
Ezequiel Romero -Being an Uncle has given Ezequiel a direct connection to the problem Nabü is solving. He is a Frontend Developer and Project Manager that ran teams responsible for Apple’s website in LatAm. Working closely with different departments, he ensured that all of the content and code was perfect as Apple rolled out new content on their websites.