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For their birthday gift


swim classes

a summer camp

a zoo membership


speech therapy

art classes


Create a gift campaign, share your child's personalized link and enjoy as they get their favorite experience as a gift!

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Create a campaign
It’s quick and easy!

Create a campaign for your child's birthday, holiday, or special event and instantly share with friends and family. They'll thank you for it!

Share it with your
family and friends

Friends and family will love how quick and simple the process is. They can add their part by using the most secure payment methods.

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Then the fun begins!

At the end of the campaign, you have the funds available to book an experience for your child! And if you don't know what to choose, no worries, we have curated lists to help!

Customer reviews

Zoo membership
for Everett

“I am the biggest fan of this and it is the best idea EVER!! I really want to give him adventures and experiences. So for his birthday we used Nabü as we would like to be able to take him to multiple different experiences around town. It was super easy for family both near and across the country to gift Everett something really special.”


Sarah going to her
first concert

“We used Nabü for my teen’s birthday and it was so easy! We added a link to the campaign when inviting family and friends to the party. The Nabü team worked with us when the campaign ended to pick the right experience based on how much we raised.”


Blippi Show
for Leo

“We got to see Blippi thanks to Nabü! We created a Blippi Live experience based on the dates, times and seats we wanted. Our friends and family gifted it in 2 days! So glad we heard of Nabü - will definitely be using this for all birthdays.”


No upcoming birthday?

If you like the idea but you don't have a birthday soon, you can set a reminder to give that person the best experience ever.

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